Gary Eldred

Pegasus Real Estate Education is proud to present Real Estate Dialogues with Professor Gary Eldred and noted developer and speaker Rick Dryer. Gary and Rick have acquired a wealth of knowledge through their own real estate ventures, and are well known authors, speakers, and educators on the subject of real estate investment strategies. On this site you will find 10 dialogues between them on a range of topics that both novice and experienced real estate owners will find of interest (just click the Dialogues link above left or to the right). If you would like to see future dialogues, as they are added to the site, please click " Register " to access future dialogues as they become available.

You can receive their future dialogues free and with no obligation, by requesting them on this website. On this site you may also purchase signed copies of Dr. Eldred's best-selling book, Investing in Real Estate (now in its fifth edition), and his current Trump's Real Estate 101 , as well as Rick Dryer's narrative of his Right Place Right Time Real Estate Investment Strategies ®. If you have any specific questions, please email them to Rick and Gary and they will answer the best and most frequently asked questions in their future Dialogues.



Rick Dryer

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